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Slippa Beige & Cafe

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Slippa Beige & Cafe vegan sandals

The term rope sandals, which is circulating on all social networks and on Google, became popular after the creation of our brand and its dazzling success which inspired famous brands to create their own model of rope sandals.
Slippa Beige & Cafe vegan sandals: All our sandals are handmade, and come from Eco-responsible and Fair Trade production.
Made from Polypropylene ropes (recycled plastic), the latter gives them greater resistance to wear, as well as better comfort for your feet compared to a traditional rope.
Mixed model

Boho sandals in recycled plastic, nomadic sandals, vegan brand, men's sandals, women's sandals, Slippa model - Beige & Cafe

Size information for men's sandals and women's sandals

This is for information only, because we are the only distributors (France – Italy) to advise in this way.
We think that our sandals generally fit a half size larger, or in some cases for people with very thin feet, a full size if they wish to wear very fitted sandals.

Some tips for choosing the right size:

Our sandals are generally a half size larger.
– If you are between two sizes, for example between 38 and 39, and you have a thin foot, we recommend taking a 38.
– If you are a size, you are between two sizes, for example between 38 and 39, and you have a narrow foot. At the end, we recommend taking a 38.
– In addition, if you are a real 39 and you have strong feet, we recommend a 39.
– If you are a 39.5, we recommend a 39.

To be certain of your size, we advise you to refer to our size guide

Regarding the slip on model, you should not take this message into account if your instep is pronounced, in this case you must buy your size.

Please note: In order to properly measure your foot, please place a ruler on the ground and place your foot flat on it, so you must take the measurement closer to your heel then closer to your longest toe.

Slippa Beige & Cafe
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  • 37 / Brown - Esgotado - 65.83 €
  • 38 / Brown - Esgotado - 65.83 €
  • 39 / Brown - Esgotado - 65.83 €
  • 40 / Brown - Esgotado - 65.83 €
  • 41 / Brown - Esgotado - 65.83 €
  • 42 / Brown - Esgotado - 65.83 €